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Fortune 500s are not enough
Corporate adopting of prediction solutions by few Fortune 500s neither protects our natural resources, nor reduces our carbon footprint and garbage volumes, nor makes our food healthier and more trustworthy.
Impact is a matter of Millions
Real impact is created by making predictive air pollution & gas emissions, energy demand & consumption, predictive farming & food, traffic routes, garbage volumes, water consumption & irrigation demands available to millions.
Resilience & Impact are Twins
Small business runs the risk that production failures rapidly turn into company fails. Predicting production risks and disruptive changes of consuming trends before they happen, is vital to make millions more resilient and sustainability permanent.
Impact is a matter of Speed
Reaching the UN's Sustainable Development Goals until 2030 is very ambitious, and modern data science & technology is one of the key enablers to ensure that we make progress and are still on the right track.
Wasting months and years for piloting AI-enabled data sauriers, accompanied by inves­ting into infrastructure instead of innovation is no future-oriented model to turn millions into sustainable business in time.
Transforming today's handcrafted production of AI-driven prediction solutions into a flexible & fast industrialized process, is vital to create sustainability tools on demand and just in time.
PredictiveWorks. is a Game Changer
PredictiveWorks. is a no-code AI factory with ultra-fast production lines that focus our future business & sustainability assets, lightweight data flows from sensors to insights, deployed as prediction apps for millions.
Cooperative Digital Networks
Our world is in progress. Urban farmers, suppliers, grocers, and consumers started to join forces in coope­ra­tive "Farm to Fork" Networks and build next-generation social networks for revolutionizing our food system.
Lightweight "Farm to Phone" apps support precision farming, real-time food quality, safety and more. Consumers regain trust with virtual production rooms, or real time sensor streams to validate the maturing and quality of organic food.
We are excited about future-oriented sustainable projects, and empower cooperative networks with AI, IoT & Cyber Resilience, tailored to SMEs with limited budget and data technology skills.
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